Lifestyle Newborn

Theres nothing more special than the first few days as a new parent. Your whole world changes, you change, you never knew how amazing your life will be until you hold your little one in your arms the first time. Cherish those moments, the sleepless nights, soak it all up, because before you know it, they aren’t so little anymore. Every stage of being a parent is special, document these days my friends…take the pictures, I promise you, you want these pictures to look back on.

Lifestyle session with my favorite family

This family is my favorite, absolute BEST.  The kids are adorable, parents are the nicest, beautiful house with beautiful light.  Its honestly a photographers dream come true.  I literally am sharing almost every image.... because it was impossible to choose favorites!!!!  

Family sessions

Theres just something about family sessions that I love, LOVE, it honestly might be my favorite thing to photograph these days   Seeing mom and dad with their kids, the connections between everyone, thats what makes my heart happy.  For me, theres just so much there, so many feelings, so much love and so many different emotions that can be captured. AND when the family is as amazing as this family right here, it truly makes my heart sing.  

Cape Wedding

Weddings.  I have a love affair with them.  For real.  Obsessed with love, and being in love, and everything that goes along with one of the most important days of a couples lives.  

I am always honored with a couple picks me to capture their memories, this is a day that they can look back at and relive over and over through the images I capture for them.  

Its truly magical.  And I might have jumped up and down with excited when Joe and Audra asked If I would be a part of their day,  I just knew the day would be perfectly magical and I was right.  

What the heck should we wear??

I get a lot of questions about what to wear!!!  So I figured it would be a good idea to share a page with helpful tips and ideas about wardrobe and accessory ideas as a reference!!


TIP 1~

Don't be afraid of color!!!!  Long gone are the days of white white white and black black black!!  Bright colors can make for a happy shoot!  OR even a little pop of color goes a long way!!

If you have a pale skinned child with blond hair stay away from white, unless its layered with a bright colored sweater, vest or scarf, just make sure you add depth and color if you really are loving a white dress/shirt for you or your son or daughter.  We don't want to wash out their face!!  Or your face either!!! 


TIP 2~


Coordinating is key!!!  Matching…not so much!  Be creative!  Everyone in white shirts and jeans is not quite in style now.  Mix it up!  If you want to wear that...its ok!  Just put color on your son or daughter.  You put the time and effort and investment into finding the right photographer (me :)) …make sure you put the time and effort into your outfits, it can make or break or photos!     Patterns are ok too…even a little bit of mismatched patterns, just nothing to busy.


The Headbands......a perfect touch to their outfits! 


Tip 3~

Accessorize!  Find a cute piece or fun headband for your daughters hair, it will make the pictures fun and unique!!  Scarf or fun necklace for mom…layers work great on the boys!!! LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS!!!  I cant stress this enough!! 


TIP 4~ 

IF you have twins, don't dress them alike…the coordinating rule applies here too! 




TIP 5~  


This is always what works for me…I like to pick one or two outfits that I am 100% sure of and LOVE and then base everyone else’s off of that one!  Even pick what you as the mama, feels the best and prettiest in and love and work off of that.    



TIP 6~

 FOR the BOYS… ties, suspenders, jeans, vests, blazers, cute hats in a few pictures.  What not to put on your boys….neon colors, NO logos, or crazywording on shirts, a shirt that has one word that fits in with your style works well but no NIKE across their chest!! 


TIP 7~  

I suggest staying away from greens for your session, especially in summer or spring, too much green outside and well, its just too much green!! 


TIP 8~


BE you and your family, just jazzed up!!!  AND pick your battles, these are all suggestions, but don't force any of your kids to wear something they absolutely hate,  try tocompromise and meet in the middle.  If they are miserable it shows in the pictures!   


THESE are just tips that I have found over the years that work best and photograph the best!  BUT…they are your pictures and your investment, so do what makes you the happiest.  If you all want to match, go for it.  JUST remember it might not look the best on your wall,  but if that is your style, no judgment from this photographer!

Because I love Pinterest TOO MUCH I made a board just to help with fall outfits...these families hit home runs with their wardrobe!!  Let me help you dress your family, it can make or break your family pictures, and I love styling sessions.....  Check it out and as always I am here for any questions at all.  

Bohemian bride styled shoot

I met Joanna a few months back when she asked if I was interested in doing a styled shoot for her.  She has an amazing eye for floral design and wanted some pictures to showcase her beautiful work, for Twig & Briar.    When she asked me to do another one, with a bohemian feel this time around and I jumped a the chance, I knew it would be magical and I was right! 


From the beautiful location, Tangerini's in Millis Mass, to the gorgeous model, Haley her make-up done by the talented Makeup by Tracy and hair done by Heather Perrone hair, I couldnt ask for a better crew of women to work with.  AND I cant forget to mention the delicious treats by Twisted bakery...if you haven't checked out this place, you are missing out!!  

Wedding....Danielle and Dan

When I started my photography journey , I said I would Never do weddings.  Now, I cant imagine NOT doing them.  One of the most important days of anyone's life is the day you say "I do" and this is a day that memories need to be captured.  I love being able to tell a couple wedding day story, from the moment they are getting ready, to the moment they kiss for the first time, to their first dance as husband and wife.  I want to tell your story.  I want to capture the moments, not all the poses (I will do that too, but the real moments is what I love best)  Weddings make my heart full, I cry at each and everyone...especially this one.  

simple newborn session

I don't know what it is, but I just love simple and sweet newborn sessions.  AND this beautiful baby girl made me love it even more this time around.  Loved Laci from the moment I saw her, and love her whole family, one of my favorites for sure <3 

Seaman Family

I already felt like I knew this family before I met them, and I had a feeling it was going to be a good one.  This session was everything.  Everything I want every session to be.  It was the perfect night,  I don't think it could have gone any better 

The Lovely Family Session

Yes, this is really their last name.  yes she is really this cute.  Yes my job is the best 

Just a little newborn love

Amazing family, amazing home, new little baby boy and a really cute toddler, this whole season is a photographers dream.  Seriously friends, you should REALLY think about doing a lifestyle session.  


This.  This session right here, has all the feels for me.  Every single one of them. I love capturing everyday moments of love and happiness in your mom.  These moments are everything, family is everything.  Freeze these everyday moments so you can cherish them forever.    If you are thinking of doing an at home session, a lifestyle session, just do it.  You will be so happy you did.  

fresh 48

Its about moments for me.  And this is one of the biggest moments in our lives, the birth of you child.  And I am so honored that I was here to capture these memories for this family.   This was a dream session for me, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be there in the first few hours after birth.  This beautiful mama made it look so easy, now a mama of 2 sweet girls, a family of 4, you would never have know she had just given birth.  

Muzzy Family

One of the best part of my jobs is meeting so many amazing families!  I can't say enough good things about this super sweet family.  I love being able too see clients year after year, seeing the kids change and grow. It means the world to me that you all come back session after session, year after year.  We have had a lot of good sessions, but this fall session a few weeks back is by far my fav. They couldn't love each other anymore, and I think it showed in every single picture <3