Well, here it is, it's official.  I am writing my first blog post.  I have been wanting to do this for about a year.  It hasn't happen.   Maybe because I have been too busy with editing , or taking care of my kids, maybe because I have been over thinking it and a little overwhelmed with the idea of a blog, not sure why, but 2015 is a new year for me, so I am jumping right in and writing, no looking back.

I am pushing myself this year, pushing myself to do bigger and better for myself and for Heather Lynn Photography.  I always put work and my clients first.  Always.  And to be honest, I really have no problem with that.  I love my clients.  However, I have countless images of my kids to go through and edit, and so many moments I have not captured on camera, and this year I don't want that to happen again,  I don't want to miss one moment. 

I am doing a project 365.  One picture everyday, click and post. Seems like a HUGE goal for a very busy stay at home mom, trying to run her own photography business.  Throw in girl scout leader, training for a marathon and a husband that works a gazillion hours, it really seems like a daunting task!   But, I think we should all take time for things that are truly important to us.  I am making a promise to myself to pick up the camera at home more, to freeze these moments in time with my kids, to remember these crazy days when my kids are young and carefree and loving the simple things in life.   

Here are a few of my favorite images that I have taken over the last few weeks.  Already, after 13 days this project has changed me, I can't wait too see how much I have changed and learned after 365 days have past