Snowed in


I love living in New England.  Love having four seasons and can't imagine living anywhere else.  I can't even say which season is my favorite, but since we are in the midst of the 'storm of the century' lets just say my favorite is winter.  (it's really summer, but let's just pretend for now)  We have so much snow out there, we are losing my 80 pound black lab in our front yard! The kids keep getting their boots stuck and I can't take my eyes off of Nolan in fear that he will get lost forever in a snow drift.   I am fairly certain the snow is taller then him!  This winter was seeming like a big bust, until this past week, it's now go time!  Sledding, snowball fights, making snowmen and snow angels have been on our to-do list lately!  

There is really nothing like getting snowed in, we love playing games, doing crafts,  drinking hot cocoa (and of course a glass or two of wine) , the hubby is making some soup,  and it's officially a jammy day!  For all of you non New Englanders, you probably don't share the same excitement of a 2-3 foot snow storm, but for me, it makes me feel like a kid again!   Here are a few pictures from this past weekend when we had a touch of snow, can't wait to share some more from the blizzard going on right now!!  Enjoy my friends!!!


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