All snowed in...again!


Snow. We have a lot of it. 5 feet or so, I have completely lost track. I think when you have this much snow, so much that you could possibly loose your dog, or 2 year old in your front yard, the exact amount really doesn't matter. I have to be honest with you. I kind of like it. I like these cozy, fun, family days, playing games, doing puzzles, drinking hot cocoa, I love spending these 'snowed in' days with my kids. Knowing there is no place that we have to be except at home.  And having hubby home too during all these storms, makes it feel like a holiday. You would think with all these days at home, I would be all caught up with laundry and cleaning and editing...but no, not even close. But we have done more sledding and playing in the snow this year, then I ever thought possible! Hope you all enjoy looking at our sledding pictures and hope you had as much fun as we have getting all 'snowed in.'