My loves

I had such high hopes when I did my first blog, of doing them weekly.   That didn't happen.   TRYING to be better about doing more, but sometimes  life just gets  its in the way!   My kids are just so needy, they want me to feed them, and change them, and play with them!   And of course the constant cleaning, constant.  It just never ends.  Someday I will be more organized, (haha) and blogs will happen more regularly. 

It has been a very long winter around here, and it is still on the miserable side out there lately, but it does feel good to get outside and play even if we freeze the whole time.  We love being outside, and cant wait for Spring to actually arrive.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks, I couldn't be happier that I am doing a project 365.  I have so many pictures from this year, of my kids just being kids, outside, getting dirty, in outfits that just don't match but somehow look cute anyways, with genuine smiles on their face.  These are the moments that make me cherish being a mom.