What the heck should we wear??

I get a lot of questions about what to wear!!!  So I figured it would be a good idea to share a page with helpful tips and ideas about wardrobe and accessory ideas as a reference!!


TIP 1~

Don't be afraid of color!!!!  Long gone are the days of white white white and black black black!!  Bright colors can make for a happy shoot!  OR even a little pop of color goes a long way!!

If you have a pale skinned child with blond hair stay away from white, unless its layered with a bright colored sweater, vest or scarf, just make sure you add depth and color if you really are loving a white dress/shirt for you or your son or daughter.  We don't want to wash out their face!!  Or your face either!!! 


TIP 2~


Coordinating is key!!!  Matching…not so much!  Be creative!  Everyone in white shirts and jeans is not quite in style now.  Mix it up!  If you want to wear that...its ok!  Just put color on your son or daughter.  You put the time and effort and investment into finding the right photographer (me :)) …make sure you put the time and effort into your outfits, it can make or break or photos!     Patterns are ok too…even a little bit of mismatched patterns, just nothing to busy.


The Headbands......a perfect touch to their outfits! 


Tip 3~

Accessorize!  Find a cute piece or fun headband for your daughters hair, it will make the pictures fun and unique!!  Scarf or fun necklace for mom…layers work great on the boys!!! LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS!!!  I cant stress this enough!! 


TIP 4~ 

IF you have twins, don't dress them alike…the coordinating rule applies here too! 




TIP 5~  


This is always what works for me…I like to pick one or two outfits that I am 100% sure of and LOVE and then base everyone else’s off of that one!  Even pick what you as the mama, feels the best and prettiest in and love and work off of that.    



TIP 6~

 FOR the BOYS… ties, suspenders, jeans, vests, blazers, cute hats in a few pictures.  What not to put on your boys….neon colors, NO logos, or crazywording on shirts, a shirt that has one word that fits in with your style works well but no NIKE across their chest!! 


TIP 7~  

I suggest staying away from greens for your session, especially in summer or spring, too much green outside and well, its just too much green!! 


TIP 8~


BE you and your family, just jazzed up!!!  AND pick your battles, these are all suggestions, but don't force any of your kids to wear something they absolutely hate,  try tocompromise and meet in the middle.  If they are miserable it shows in the pictures!   


THESE are just tips that I have found over the years that work best and photograph the best!  BUT…they are your pictures and your investment, so do what makes you the happiest.  If you all want to match, go for it.  JUST remember it might not look the best on your wall,  but if that is your style, no judgment from this photographer!

Because I love Pinterest TOO MUCH I made a board just to help with fall outfits...these families hit home runs with their wardrobe!!  Let me help you dress your family, it can make or break your family pictures, and I love styling sessions.....https://www.pinterest.com/hlmurray11/what-to-wear/  Check it out and as always I am here for any questions at all.