Massachusetts photographer

Lifestyle session with my favorite family

This family is my favorite, absolute BEST.  The kids are adorable, parents are the nicest, beautiful house with beautiful light.  Its honestly a photographers dream come true.  I literally am sharing almost every image.... because it was impossible to choose favorites!!!!  

Family sessions

Theres just something about family sessions that I love, LOVE, it honestly might be my favorite thing to photograph these days   Seeing mom and dad with their kids, the connections between everyone, thats what makes my heart happy.  For me, theres just so much there, so many feelings, so much love and so many different emotions that can be captured. AND when the family is as amazing as this family right here, it truly makes my heart sing.  

Cape Wedding

Weddings.  I have a love affair with them.  For real.  Obsessed with love, and being in love, and everything that goes along with one of the most important days of a couples lives.  

I am always honored with a couple picks me to capture their memories, this is a day that they can look back at and relive over and over through the images I capture for them.  

Its truly magical.  And I might have jumped up and down with excited when Joe and Audra asked If I would be a part of their day,  I just knew the day would be perfectly magical and I was right.