central mass photographer

Lifestyle session with my favorite family

This family is my favorite, absolute BEST.  The kids are adorable, parents are the nicest, beautiful house with beautiful light.  Its honestly a photographers dream come true.  I literally am sharing almost every image.... because it was impossible to choose favorites!!!!  

Family sessions

Theres just something about family sessions that I love, LOVE, it honestly might be my favorite thing to photograph these days   Seeing mom and dad with their kids, the connections between everyone, thats what makes my heart happy.  For me, theres just so much there, so many feelings, so much love and so many different emotions that can be captured. AND when the family is as amazing as this family right here, it truly makes my heart sing.  

Bohemian bride styled shoot

I met Joanna a few months back when she asked if I was interested in doing a styled shoot for her.  She has an amazing eye for floral design and wanted some pictures to showcase her beautiful work, for Twig & Briar.    When she asked me to do another one, with a bohemian feel this time around and I jumped a the chance, I knew it would be magical and I was right! 


From the beautiful location, Tangerini's in Millis Mass, to the gorgeous model, Haley her make-up done by the talented Makeup by Tracy and hair done by Heather Perrone hair, I couldnt ask for a better crew of women to work with.  AND I cant forget to mention the delicious treats by Twisted bakery...if you haven't checked out this place, you are missing out!!  

my failed 365

 I guess technically I failed at my 365...taking a picture a day for a full year.  I tried, I tried really hard.  But once the craziness of the fall season hit, it all went down hill.  Everything really went down hill this fall, cleaning, laundry, paying bills...it was rough.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have it any other way and feel beyond blessed that I was so busy, just kinda sorta wish that life didn't get so messy.  

So my 365 was probably more like a 320 or so...but to me it was a success and even though I didn't finish I am so glad I did it, I learned so much this year, and have so many amazing images of my family.  SO many, that I can't even pick which ones to print.   Last year I felt obligated to pick up my camera everyday, most days I loved it, I truly love taking pictures, but some days it just got old.  Those really messy chaotic days I just didn't want too it, but I did.  And now, it is just habit and I love that it comes natural that I pick up my camera at home, no matter what we are doing, the simple moments  are sometimes my favorite.  Playing games, snuggling with the dog...cooking.   So even now my 365 was a failure, to me it was a success.  I am not disappointed at all that I didn't finish, I do know now, that maybe its a little more than I can handle, but maybe one day, I will tackle this project again.  Until, now I will just continue taking pictures almost everyday.