Danielle and Matt

Weddings...I am absolutely in love with everything about this wedding and couldn't be happier that Danielle and matt choose me to capture their love...this is just a sneak peak of some of my favorites so far...lot's more to come :) 

O'conner Family session

Ok...you all know that I LOVE my job...like seriously love it, and every session is special,   BUT there was something about this session that really has my heart.  I love the location, and the boys were just so happy, and the connection and the love just showed in each image.  They seriously rocked it.  This is what is all about for me guys....loved meeting them and honestly hope that I can make magic like this in all my future sessions <3 

Simple and sweet

When I first started this journey into photography, I would never have dreamt how busy my little business would get.  It really has been a dream come true.  I love every single type of session, and love dabbling a little in it all, they are all special to me in so many different ways. I love the simplicity and sweetness of newborn sessions, I love showcasing baby and keeping things simple. I love keep it natural and neutral, because it is really the baby that you are wanting to look at and remember, not all those props <3

Here is a sweet little boy who I had in my studio a few weeks ago, he only really wanted to be loved and snuggled and wasn't too happy when we put him down, but we still got some amazing pictures <3

mommy and me mini

I absolutely love when the mama gets in the frame.  We are usually the ones always taking the pictures, so it is nice to put down the own camera and let someone else capture the love between mamma and her babies.  The connection is so beautiful, every single time I do these sessions, it makes me want to get in the frame with my babies and what better gift to surprise daddy with for fathers day, I think he will love his first father's day gift for sure  <3 

Lifestyle Newborn

When I get an email or phone call about a newborn session, I literally get giddy.  For so many reasons, it is such a special time and it goes by so fast.  I can't even put into words how you feel those first few weeks after having a baby, that's why pictures are so important during this time.  I never got pictures of any of my 3 at home, and I REALLY wish I did.  I  LOVE this family and felt so honored that they invited me into their home to capture their memories <3

Baby Gauge

I just adore this family so much, and was so exited when I heard they were adding another little love to their family!  Kinley is the cutest little thing, full of personality adn makes me laugh and laugh and smile during each session!  She is going to be the BEST big sister ever, Gauge is one lucky little dude.  

I have had so many newborn sessions lately, and I love it!!  It is such a special moment in time and I feel so honored to be able to capture these memories for families.  And I may sneak in a few snuggles with all these cute babies from time to time, I need to get my fill, since my babies are getting so big <3 

Hayes lifestyle newborn

I was beyond excited for this newborn session, like a little kid at christmas.  And I definitely was not disappointed.  I had already done a lifestyle family session with them, so I knew how amazing this family was.  There house is beautiful with GREAT light, the kids are super cute, and parents super fun and easy to be around.  What more could a photographer ask for??  OH...and now they have a new baby to add to the mix, sweet baby Hayes.  Lifestyle sessions might just be my new favorite, it is such an intimate way to capture the first few days at home with a new baby, I know I would cherish photo's like this forever <3 

Photography Class

I can't tell you how many times I hear, "I have this amazing camera, but I have no clue how to use it"   No worries, my friends, I am here to help!!  I have learned so much the last few years and would love to be able to share what I know with you!  I honestly could talk about photography all day long, and I love teachingand helping people, so why not combine them both??  

This will be a hands on approach to learning...we will meet outside I will teach you the basics and we will go and practice, practice, practice!   I had such a hard time getting off of auto, I read a ton, practiced like crazy, and one day it just all made sense.  I want to make this easy for you!!  



  • 2 hour class
  • Understanding the basics; aperture, shutter speed and ISO. (what each means and how it impacts exposure and your picture) 
  • Understanding what white balance is
  • Composition and the 'rules' of what makes a good picture- and when to break them 
  • small groups, I want to really be able to help you
  • private facebook group after the class for continued learning 


March 20th 10:00-12:00

April 2 1:00-3::00

**weather permitting, and a minimum of 5 people to hold the class 

CLASS PRICE  $85  intro price



my failed 365

 I guess technically I failed at my 365...taking a picture a day for a full year.  I tried, I tried really hard.  But once the craziness of the fall season hit, it all went down hill.  Everything really went down hill this fall, cleaning, laundry, paying bills...it was rough.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have it any other way and feel beyond blessed that I was so busy, just kinda sorta wish that life didn't get so messy.  

So my 365 was probably more like a 320 or so...but to me it was a success and even though I didn't finish I am so glad I did it, I learned so much this year, and have so many amazing images of my family.  SO many, that I can't even pick which ones to print.   Last year I felt obligated to pick up my camera everyday, most days I loved it, I truly love taking pictures, but some days it just got old.  Those really messy chaotic days I just didn't want too it, but I did.  And now, it is just habit and I love that it comes natural that I pick up my camera at home, no matter what we are doing, the simple moments  are sometimes my favorite.  Playing games, snuggling with the dog...cooking.   So even now my 365 was a failure, to me it was a success.  I am not disappointed at all that I didn't finish, I do know now, that maybe its a little more than I can handle, but maybe one day, I will tackle this project again.  Until, now I will just continue taking pictures almost everyday.  


Lifestyle family session

I am not quite sure why it has taken me this long to blog this session.  I am absolutely in love with the pictures and the family!!  I love when they tell me "we have never taken family pictures before" then act like they are paid models!!  Seriously though, this is what it is all about for me. I love capturing the connection and love between families.  I think this session captures my style of photography perfectly, I like to capture moments between family members, not just poses with forced smiles. I will pose you a little and snap those pictures too but no forced unhappy smiling family members for this photographer, I want to capture you, the real you. But the moments that are not so posed, that's what makes my heart happy.   

Kelley Family

 LOVED LOVED LOVED this session!  They were all just so comfortable in front of the camera. and there love for each other showed through with each image.  It was so hard picking my favorites to edit and for this blog! 

newborn love

I absolutly love in home newborn sessions.  It is such a special moment in families lives...it is such an honor to be allowed into people's home to capture the love between the new baby and family.  This is a time when people want to remember, when they look back at these images I want them to remember what it was like those first few days when baby came home.  

Little baby Slayton is very loved, and I hope these images reflect just how much.

Joclyn and Evan

When I first started out on this photography journey, never did I think I would end up here, photographing weddings.  But honestly, I LOVE it.  Love everything about them.  I cry with all the guests during the ceremony and speeches, laugh at all the jokes, and possibly dance and sing along the dancefloor while snapping away (ok, not possibly, I definitely do!)....I couldn't be happier being a part of all my couples wedding day.  And I love relieving each moment as I go through their pictures over and over.  Feeling really lucky that I love my job so much!!  

Caruso Family

I can't believe I have been photographing this family for two years!  Rocco just turned 3 and Aurora turned 1!!  It only took Rocco a year and a half but I think he finally likes me and might even like getting his piture taken!   They both rocked this session!!  

Julian turns one!

I need to be better about blogging my favorite sessions, and what better session to start with then this ridiculously cute family!  I had way to much fun with Julian!  He is just the happiest little one year old and so fun to be around,  just being near him for one hour brought a smile to my face all day!!!  

Beach Session

Is our beach season really over???  I can't take it!  Loving these beach pictures from one of my favorite families.   We had so much fun running and playing I don't think they even knew I was taking their picture. 

Park wedding

the bride, the groom, the two boys and of course, you can't forget about the dog.  That's it.  That's who was a part of their wedding ceremony, and I honestly do't think it could have been more perfect.  Some of my favorite pictures ever are from this session, hope you all enjoy <3

Love this family, and love taking their pictures!!  Cutest little kids ever, and Rocco actually kinda liked me this time around!! Here are a few favs from their session <3